Time That is Mine - Officical Music Video drops

“This is a song that flowed out of me as fast as the flow of Zurich’s Limmat river below me. "

Time That is Mine, Camilla's most downloaded track, described by producer Pete Brazier at Vertical Rooms as "a psychedelic selfish flamenco ballad" is being re-released to celebrate the launch of the music video directed by Vee Vimolmal. Camilla’s ethereal harmonies, conscious lyrics and classical guitar arpeggiation are the foundation to her signature sound which she co-produced in Switzerland with electronic sound designer Rupert Lally.


The video, shot in beautiful locations between Hampstead Heath and Mayfield Lavender Farm on simply an iPhone XR and DJI Osmo Gimbal, takes you on an inward nostalgic journey. The song has recently been chosen as the soundtrack to the film The Litter Mermaid (A comedy about humans, a tragedy about plastic), selected as Artistic Echoes track of the month, for the Lift-Off Film Festival and the Lechdale Virtual Music Festival.

Don't Music Video - Awards and more...


"Don’t forget this name”



"This glitchy folktronica is well worth investigating."​​

Camilla's anthem to admin and tech stress continues to spread far and wide and has recently become the theme-tune to TV comedy Batshit as well as being Music Video of the Month for Swiss TV Channel La Télé.

Film awards include Best Music Video at the Sound And Vision International Film & Technology Festival (NYC), Second Prize in the Best Music Video category at the International 12 Month Film Festival (Romania) in addition to nominations for Best Sound Design and Editing; and a Best Experimental Film nomination at Audioshoot International Music Video & Film Festival (Ireland).


Don't has also been chosen for the Official Selection at: Portland Comedy Film Festival (USA), Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival (Mumbai), Hollywood First-Time Film-maker Showcase, Audioshoot International Music Video & Film Festival (Ireland), Music Shorts Film Festival (USA), Figueira da Foz Film Art Festival Internacional de Cinema (Portugal), Las Vegas Film Convention, Mozi Motion Film Festival (Netherlands), and Lift-Off First-Time Film Maker Sessions (Pinewood, UK).

Baggage - Sister co-writing team for new Sitcom

When a passive-aggressive minimalist & a sentimental hoarder fight to keep a dysfunctional inner-city storage unit from closure, they learn what it means to let go.


This teazer video gives a flavour of  Baggage, the sitcom Camilla has been creating with her sister (author and comedy writer) Lorelei Mathias. Camilla brings life to the character of Sue Fennel, Regional Manager of Cling-ons Storage Unit and professional un-clutter-er.


It also features some of Camilla's unreleased music. If you wish to invest in the production, or become part of the team, please visit our Comedy Crowd TV page.


You can keep posted with the buzz of it all via the Instagram and Facebook pages, which are led by the face of the series, Sue Fennel.

Let Them Eat Cake : TV Comedy-Drama

A period drama about when we used to work in offices.

Camilla is delighted to be part of this new well-observed piece of writing from Melon Comedy.

See more here on IMDB Page

Stream here or click on image

Renaissance: New music project unfolding...

This is an audio sample of my Renaissance project, transmitting the healing and calming effect of Sanskrit through music and moving image to a wider and contemporary audience. Campfire meets Kirtan meets Club. 


Everyone has the right to experience peace and not everyone seeks out help or knows where to look when things are tough. I want to reach anyone in a bar, cafe, nightclub or on YouTube who is feeling vulnerable or alone, and give them a feeling of connection, belonging, individual self worth, inner discovery, acceptance, fulfilment and purpose.


The original soundtrack I have created is based on the Mandukya Upanishads, a sacred set of verses, mixing in my own ethereal harmonies and classical guitar arpeggiation with evocative electronic sounds. Once the track is complete, it will feature alongside my repertoire on the world’s leading meditation app, Insight-Timer.

Camilla features in new German book...

Camilla shot her first unofficial music video rather spontaneously in Laos whilst improving her rock-climbing skills back in 2012. German climber and author Tanja Weidner has now published her latest non-fiction book Zwei Kartoffeln in Laos, in which she talks about her time in Laos and meeting Camilla, discovering her music, hosting her concerts, and how it then led to the penning of the confessional and hilarious song Learning To Rock-climb, which Camilla then shot using the local climbing and Laos community. Many happy memories are shared in this moving and astounding book, which you can buy here on Amazon.

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