Ch'Lu: Campfire meets Kirtan meets Club

Camilla's vision under the Ch'Lu project is to transmit the healing and calming vibration of Sanskrit to a wider and contemporary audience. Pronounced ChooLOO,  the unique Sanskrit name was conceived by Camilla's Jyotisha (The Vedic study of timing) mentor, specifically for her work expanding consciousness through creativity and performance. 


Ch'Lu wants to entertain (trick) you into feeling less alone, anxious or stressed and more like the best version of yourself; connected, fulfilled and eager to get out of bed each day.


Ch'Lu is Campfire meets Kirtan meets Club vibe; you can either chant, chill or chuckle. Choosing and fusing between ethereal harmonies, evocative language, classical guitar arpeggiation and ambient beats, throwing in a contemporary edge and the element of surprise. 

As singer, guitarist, composer, actress, lyricist, linguist, artist and Ishaya monk, Ch'Lu connects between borders and cultures (to date in thirteen languages), overlapping passions to stimulate and inspire. 

You can catch the first of Ch'Lu's magical mantra soundscapes on the world's largest meditation app Insight Timer or on Bandcamp. She is also working on an album of original soundtracks based on the Mandukya Upanishads, a sacred set of Sanskrit verses. They too will feature alongside her repertoire on the world’s leading meditation app, Insight-Timer 

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